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Moving Tips

Decide what type of move you are looking for: Full-service? Big items only? With packing or without? We can give you a free estimate to let you know how much each service will cost and how we can best fit your budget. At Guardian we pride ourselves on unmatched quality in taking strict care of your belongings.

Plan your furniture layout ahead of time. Our guys are are fast and efficient, and knowing where everything goes will help keep things running at top speed.

Pack everything you can in boxes. Boxes protect your posessions, increase efficiency, help keep you organized, and are a requirement for us to move you. We have a full-service pack team available.

Prepare for move day by doing the following:

  • Make sure you have labeled all boxes.
  • You may leave items in drawers as long as they are not breakable.
  • Review the Moving Guide we provide when we personally come to your home and give you an estimate. We can not transport certain items and chemicals, so be aware.