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Commercial Movers

We have a proven track record of successfully managing complex moves for small business, corporate and government clients. Whether you are moving your main office, satellite offices or providing employee relocation – our goal is to provide you and your employees with the smoothest transition possible.

A commercial move could be an entire office, business or office building. There are few factors that determine the cost of a commercial move. A commercial move may take a couple of hours or a couple of days, based on the size and the services requested. Guardian Moves and Storage will complete an estimate for your move. We are fully aware of the many factors involved in selecting a moving date, such as closing date, lease expiration, family matters, work schedule, and restrictions of building management. That is why we give great attention to our customer’s moving time requirements.

How do we charge?

The main factors are the number of moving associates and vans performing the job as well as the time it will take them to load up the truck, drive to your new address and unload the truck. Other parts of the charge will include the time to disassemble and reassemble items. Commercial moves are calculated on an hourly basis. In other words, the items you would like us to move will determine the estimate of the move, the number of moving vans and the number of moving associates you will need.

Why move with us?

Guardian Moves and Storage is a full service moving and storage company, we have a crew of professional commercial movers who will work fast and efficiently, and will provide you with the best relocation services available!

The more information you provide us prior to your move, the better we can ensure a smooth move that fits your budget. The best way to get the most accurate estimate is for us to come out and do a quick walkthrough. Fill out our form for a free estimate!

At Guardian Moves and Storage each and every one of our employees remains focused on your complete satisfaction. We understand that commercial relocation is a challenge, and you will find that we remain flexible and that we can offer a variety of solutions.From packing, to storage, to transportation, to unpacking – we can provide all the services, materials, manpower and trucks necessary for your business to have a successful move.