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What to Know Before Hiring a Mover

Unless you’re still in colleges, the idea of moving yourself is probably on the list of your least-favorite things to do. Furniture is heavy, it’s a lot harder to bribe your friends to help, you have to rent a truck, etc.

Odds are if you’re moving you’ve already made the decision to hire a professional moving company. But which one should you choose? here are some tips, and some things to watch out for, when hiring professional movers.

Make sure that the moving company you select is licensed and insured:

This protects customers in a number of ways. First, a licensed and insured company is guaranteed to be authorized to do business as a moving company in your area (believe it or not, there are some moving companies who operate illegally). Second, in the event of an accident, your property is insured and will be replaced, giving you additional peace of mind. Reputable moving companies should be able to provide you with all appropriate licensing and insurance information.

Read the fine print:

As we said before estimates are a great way for customers to understand a mover’s pricing. When comparing estimates important to keep a lookout for hidden costs such as mileage fees, transfer fees, and charges for being such as appliance moving and “accessorial charges” which some companies use to tack on additional fees that don’t fall under any other category. By thoroughly reviewing the estimate you can save yourself a great deal of time and money!

Moving and very often a stressful situation, but by following the tips above you can save yourself a lot of time and headache by selecting the right mover. Get your free estimate with us to see what we can do for you!