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Packing 101

The most time-consuming part of moving and packing. For whatever reason it always seems that it takes much longer to pack than to unpack. Guardian Moves & Storage offers a full range of  However if you decide to pack yourself here some tips to make the process a

  •  Start by going through attics, basements, garages, and closets to determine what stays and what goes. This can greatly reduce the amount you have to pack and move.
  • Start packing by first boxing up old items that you’re keeping, but aren’t using frequently. This includes out-of-season clothes, toys, sporting equipment, etc
  •  Leave clothes, towels, and linens in their drawers. These are not breakable and professional movers are skilled at moving furniture with these items included.
  • If there is anything breakable in drawers anywhere in the house make sure to take those out and pack them separately.
  • Pack similar items together. For example: don’t pack pots and pans in the same box with breakable dishes.
  • Dishes and vinyl records should be packed vertically rather than stacked on top of one another.
  • Wrap breakable items individually with clean paper, t-shirts, etc and box together. Excess space and boxes with these items can be filled with sheets blankets.
  • Be sure to mark breakable boxes as fragile when packing boxes.
  • Put the heaviest items on the bottom and build in layers from heaviest to lightest.
  • Make sure each box you pack is sealed tightly with tape.
  • Once a box is packed, label is by the room it belongs in and the contents of the box.