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Tips for an Easy Move

So you bought a new home, or your job is relocating you to another city. Maybe this is your first home or maybe you’re renting with friends to split cost. No matter why, moving to a new home is a very exciting time. 

It can also be a real headache!

 No matter the reason, moving is stressful between packing and unpacking and deciding what stays and what it gets sent to the garbage or charity. However, by following the steps below you can make your move much easier on yourself and your family.

Decide what goes and what stays

 Begin by going through at its basements and closets to decide what can be thrown out and what needs to stay. While there are some things that are cherished memories, many things can probably go.. A good rule of thumb is that if it’s been packed away for more than a year, it’s probably safe to throw out or send to Goodwill. Going through your items can greatly reduce how much packing needs to be done.

Need packing materials? You may purchase cartons, paper and tape from us for a modest cost.

Mark your boxes by room and by content

Nothing can be more frustrating than arriving at your new home and not knowing where anything is! When you begin packing boxes make sure to keep a marker handy to mark exactly what is in each box, and which rooms they go to. This will also help your movers to move you in quickly. Stock up on boxes, packing tape, and markers once you’ve decided to move and have a date. We offer a full line of moving supplies for customers and are happy to provide.

Start packing early

Even if you’re packing yourself rather than having your moving company pack for you, the early you begin will mean much less to do as your moving day nears.

Pack big, pack small

A common mistake people make as the pack of remove is trying to put as much as possible into large boxes. This can cause several problems from items getting broken to difficulty in moving due to weight. It’s usually a good idea to pack heavy items separately in smaller boxes and lighter smaller items and bigger boxes.

Pack breakables separately

The last thing anyone wants is to open a box to find your grandmother’s good china in pieces. Pack breakable items – glasses dishes etc.- separately from non breakables. Also be sure to wrap each individual item well and with lots of padding. We found that t-shirts and blankets work well to protect these items. Additionally, things like plates to be packed vertically, rather than flat and stacked.

Do not pack chemical, open liquids, flammables, firearms, or plants

These items should always travel with you separately, as no moving companies are allowed to move these items. If you have any of the above, be sure to transfer them in your car.

Take a photo of electronics before you unhook them

Taking a photo of how electronics are connected before packing will save a great deal of time when you’re ready to hook them back up.

Pre-plan your new homes furniture layout

One of the most fun parts of moving is to imagine your new space full of your things. To help speed up the move, why not take it one step further? Prior to moving day, sit down and dryer where the furniture will go in each room, giving your movers a clearer understanding of which furniture pieces go where.

Disassemble furniture such as beds and bookcases

At Guardian Moves & Storage, we are more than happy to help you disassemble beds, bookcases, etc. However, this can add unexpected time and expense to your move. To make things go more smooth, go ahead and disassemble any furniture you can; or if you are not able to let us know during the estimate to ensure there are no surprises – for either of us!

Send your pets on a spa day

Your pets can often be a distraction during the move so why not board them? This ensures their safety, while also keeping them out from under foot during loading and unloading unpacking.

Remember to pack a travel bag

It’s a good idea to treat a move like at least a two-day trip out of town. Be sure to pack a bag with a couple of pair of clothes and your bare necessities ( toiletries, shampoo, makeup, toothbrushes, etc) and put it separate from your items be packed by movers. The last thing you want is to be searching through boxes on your first night at your new home!

Keep the plants with you

You put a lot of time and effort into your household plants and flowers, so don’t risk any damage during the move. When possible, transport them in your car to ensure they receive enough sunlight and can be and pass quickly. Additionally try to keep their leaves and blooms from touching hot windows as this can burn plants.

Give the kids a weekend with the grandparents

Moving is stressful for the entire family, including children. One way to make it easier on the kids is to arrange a weekend to stay with their grandparents if possible. The children are guaranteed to have a good time and you can help make sure they are safe and out of the way during the move too.